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The first step to glowing skin

The first step to glowing skin


I simply cannot live without this fabulous product! It is a staple in both my kit and my personal skincare routine. If you have worked with me, you know that I always recommend to use Sexapeel as the first step to glowing skin.

What it is: An easy to use spray that exfoliates the top layer of your skin from head to toe, instantly, right in front of your eyes. For real, grab your friends and do a show and tell at your next party. You'll be the star of the show!!!

What it does: Instantly exfoliates your face and body with a quick sweep of the hands. sexApeel™ is type of gommage that is popular in Korea and that leaves your skin free of all the nasty crusty flakes. You'll be a smooth operator. 

Repair the skin barrier

Repair the skin barrier

Water Elixir

Water Elixir is my go to anytime there is a client with skin sensitivities. This product can be used on it’s own or in combination with Waterbalm.

What it is: A lightweight, liquid moisturizer and serum in one that helps repair a compromised skin barrier. If your makeup never lays right on your skin, a broken down skin barrier may be to blame.

What is does: Water Elixir helps your skin find it’s balance again. 

When your skin barrier is destroyed, your makeup won't lay down correctly and you'll have skin with a rough texture.

How do you know if your skin barrier is broken?
-Rashy breakouts
-Over sensitized (you describe your skin as sensitive)

Antioxidants protect your skin by limiting the production of free radicals. Free radicals can damage your skin cells. 

Antioxidants and nano ceramides in Water Elixir can do a lot for the health and appearance of your skin, including reducing the signs of aging and help rebuild the skin barrier.

Primer/ Moisturizer

Primer/ Moisturizer


This is my favorite to be used for eyelids and as an eye cream!!!

What it is:five in one multi-purpose gel crème that kicks your parched skin in the ass.

Water Balm is your  moisturizer, toner/serum, day cream, night cream and makeup primer all in one. Great for travel.

What it does: Water Balm plumps those fine lines, smooths your skin, reduces the appearance of pores, and gives you a real life photo filter.
Water Balm uses “Water Bead” technology.

Inside Water Balm are tiny beads that contain your serum/toner, moisturizer, primer all in one.

Water Balm is rich in ceramides & anti-oxidants.  

Look at you being the first of your friends to find the really cool stuff.